The Translated Chinese Fiction Podcast

About the host

June 9, 2020

born: Aberdeen, ‘93

grew up: Dundee, ‘93 - ‘11

undergrad: English Lit, Manchester, ‘11 - ‘14

taught abroad: Zhejiang & Shanghai, ‘14 - ‘18

postgrad: Publishing Msc, Edinburgh, ‘18 - '19

working in publishing: '19 -

greek zodiac: 双鱼

chinese zodiac:

somewhat mediocre personal website


[ shot on Lunan Bay, 2013ish ]


I'm Angus, your host. I started this podcast while studying Msc Publishing and working for minimum wage. I was living at the top of the Royal Mile, just by Edinburgh Castle. There are some cheap, eccentric flats there, believe it or not, and some of them were once occupied by literati.

At the end of the academic year I moved back to my mum's house (I am very cool) to complete my MSc Dissertation on Chinese Sci-fi (I am very, very cool). It was called Sci-fi, Sendoutism, Reform and Opening: Translated Chinese Science Fiction's Journey to the West (told you I was cool)

Since then I've found remote work helping to publish translated Chinese Fiction, and have moved in with my girlfriend in Fife, near St Andrews. A move to big scary London is coming soon. That's me. Now you know.

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