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The TrChFic Taiwan Season

June 14, 2021

 Indeed, not only was Taiwan orphaned, it had been through several adoptions.

Chien Hsin Tai, Orphans of Asia in A New Literary History of Modern China

For most of my time running the podcast, I knew really ought to tackle Taiwan & its literature. I felt a little worried I would make a fool of myself, and perhaps I did, but what followed was a fun, surprising, and yes, I admit it, educational first stride into a deep and diverse literary scene.


For your convenience, here's every episode from the TrChFic Taiwan Season, listed in order.

The Membranes art

Episode 53

The Membranes with Chi Ta-wei and Ari Larissa Heinrich 

Taiwan Season opens with a book-in-translation that was on its way to the press! Cyber, cyborg, underwater, queer, and thoroughly unconventional... and that's just the guests!


NoaC art

Episode 54

Qiu Miaojin and Notes of a Crocodile with Conor Stuart

First Ge Fei and now Qiu Miaojin... it seems every time I read translated Chinese lit published by the New York Review of Books, I strike gold.


tMwtCE art

Episode 55

Wu Ming-yi and The Man with the Compound Eyes with Cara Healey

Down with anthropocentrism! Forward the Anthropocene!


tMwtCE art

Episode 56

Pai Hsien-yung and Taipei People with Nadia Ho

TrChFic has always been something of a nostalgia project, which makes Mr Pai's Taipei People a perfect target for wistful musing.


Home Sickness art

Episode 57

Chih-Ying Lay and Home Sickness with Darryl Sterk


TrChFic has always been a home(?) sickness(?) project too! Plus, it's always good to have a Canadian guest on the show!


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