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The TrChFic Wuxia Season

June 9, 2020

The Confucians with their wen bring confusion to the law; the xia with their wu violate the prohibitions. Yet the ruler treats both groups with respect, and so we have disorder

- Hanfeizi, Mid 3rd Century BC


The TrChFic Sci-fi Season was such a success that I decided to take a similar plunge into another mighty arm of Chinese genre fiction: Wuxia. This time around, however, I am not an expert. I am not even well read. This season will be, appropriately, a journey of self-cultivation.


For your convenience, here's every episode from the TrChFic Wuxia Season, listed in order.

Episode 33

Jin Yong and Legend of the Condor Heroes with Gigi Chang 

Gigi Chang joins me to discuss Jin Yong's magnum opus, Legend of the Condor Heroes. She is one of a team of translators working to bring this story into English. We end up talking about- amongst other things- how to cheat at Street Fighter.


Episode 34

Gu Long and 7 Killers with Deathblade

Deathblade AKA Jeremy Bai joins me to talk about one of his first leaps into Wuxia translation - Gu Long's 7 Killers. Along the way we end up talking about genre theory, Dragonball, and Xianxia.



Episode 35

Necropolis Immortal with Etvolare

Irrepressible webnovel translator Etvolare is here to talk about her translation of the tomb-raiding/xianxia crossover webnovel, Necropolis Immortal. Listen, and learn how to write sound-effects for disembodied heads!


Episode 36

Gujian with Emily Jin

This time it's not a book! It's a video game called Gujian! Helping me level up and face my shadow self is genre-savvy translator Emily Jin. Get ready for our little chat to hit you with fate, tragedy, modding, and the weirdness of reality in 2020.



Episode 37

The Woman in the Carriage with Yilin Wang

The TrChFic Wuxia Season comes full circle as we depart from the digital realm to dally once more with the dynastic. Wuxia-specialist translator Yilin Wang guides me through her translation of The Woman in the Carriage, a 'strange tale' of crime, trickery, and magic(?)

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